Satin Soy Candles

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12 Oz 

Matte Olive Vessel with Maple Wood Lid


 Comes in 

Caramel Mind : 

Rich crème brûlée, ambrette glaze, crystallized ginger, and smooth caramel dance in a festive, toast-worthy sensation.

Listen to Sugar by S.I.R. while enjoying this sweet aroma.

Up Late: 

Jasmine, black amber and musk collide to create a deeply intriguing, sexy and sophisticated fragrance. 

Listen to Up Late by Ari Lennox while enjoying this seductive aroma.

Do Not Disturb: 

Set the mood after a day of play. Sweet, sexy wood notes pair with evocative musk and amber in an arousing combination. 

Listen to Do Not Disturb by Teyana Taylor while enjoying this sexy aroma.

Wait for Me:

Escape to a far away, exotic land in a rich and sensuous escapade through the desert. Sweet sandalwood, warm amber, and heady jasmine collide with muskmelon and citrus. 

Listen to WFM by Realestk while enjoying this sensual aroma.



  • 12 oz luxury amber glass vessels 
  • Vegan blend of satin soy and coconut apricot wax 
  • Clean-burning wooden wick that crackles while burning
  • Clean scented phthalates-free fragrance oil


First Burn:

Burn candle wax until wax melts across the entire surface to the sides of vessel as this will prevent tunneling and create an even burn. This may take up to 2-4 hours but it will make your candle last longer.


Trim your wicks:

we recommend trimming your wick before every lighting. Keep the wick at 6mm in length to help control size of flame. 

Keep Wax Clean:

Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.

 How to Extinguish a Candle:

Put out candle with a sniffer or place metal lid completely on top. Do not blow out.