About Oil On My Hands

Ten years ago my son was born and diagnosed with eczema. He had lack of melanin in a lot of parts of his body and became irritated with his skin that actually caused scabs and hyperpigmentation from the scratching and bleeding. After research and development of my cream, I was able to help him heal and my mother convinced me to make it a business. I now create all face and body products that are healthy for the body.




In 2019 I was led to go to school and become an esthetician focused on addressing eczema and hyperpigmentation issues. Armed with this knowledge, I started focusing on creating personalized skincare regimens to address the specific needs of individuals skin such as dry and dull skin. I recognized that each person's skin is unique, and their type may vary. Being an esthetician helps formulate the best products for your skin needs.

We hope that you love our products just as much as our family and friends.


- Amber
Founder & Owner
Oil On My Hands