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Oil On My Hands

Lemon Cleansing Toner

Lemon Cleansing Toner

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Scent: Fresh Lemon 


Removes Dirt

Makeup Remover

Balance Oil Production

Anti Aging Benefits

Treats Acne

Hydrates Skin

Cleansing with “Good” oil helps remove and bring out the “Bad” oil and debris in pores and on skin! 

Directions: Shake bottle before each use. Apply 2-3 squirts to dry hands. Massage gently over your face working over the eyes and lips too for a full minute or two.  Massage in with hands applying to face and neck area and wipe away with warm water on a soft microfiber cloth or cotton pad.

Wearing Make Up: REPEAT then moisturize with a little more oil (don’t wipe off this time) followed by natural moisturizer. 

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